When you’re visiting Las Vegas, otherwise known as Sin City, it’s inevitable that, at one point, you’re going to want to party at a strip club and see what all the hype is about. No problem. Vegas has you covered! But, here’s a word of caution. Don’t make the mistake of instructing your Uber driver to just take you to “any strip club,” and don’t put too much trust into the taxi drivers or hotel doormen.  They get a finder’s fee for sending you to a specific club that they have an agreement with, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the club you should be going to.  Take the time to do a little research and find out which club caters to your individual preferences.  (Or, you know.. just book through Viva VIP and let them take care of the entire evening for you!)

If you want to get the TRUE Las Vegas Strip Club experience? Here are our recommendations for the Top Nine Clubs to visit… and our list is in random order, not ranking, so be sure not to discount any club towards the end of the list!  Here we go!!!

1. Sapphire Gentleman’s Club and Male Revue Show. Coming in at a whopping 70,000 sq. ft. and dubbed here and there as the world’s largest strip club (unconfirmed), this is by far one of the largest clubs around, offering upwards of 400 entertainers on the stage and catwalks at any given time. There are VIP Luxury Suites, four bars, and the main room with multiple levels.  There’s also a karaoke bar, skyboxes for private events and parties, and the perfect place to
watch major sporting events. This club is the best option for hosting a large group.

2. Déjà Vu Erotic Ultra Lounge. Looking for a super late-night place? Well, here you go! After 4am, this spot becomes an after-hours club where exotic dancers morph into go-go dancers.  There are some super private VIP rooms and three stages.  No need for your night to end early!

3. Palomino Strip Club Las Vegas. Rare find here thanks to a grandfathered law! This Club offers 30,000 sq. ft. of fully nude entertainment . . . and serves alcohol, which isn’t allowed at other Clubs!  There are VIP rooms and VIP packages available – enough said! The only downside may be having to travel to North Las Vegas.  But, hey… Take a Lyft or Uber.  Go have fun!

4. Spearmint Rhino Strip Club Las Vegas. One of the more popular clubs in town, “the Rhino” as it’s known to locals, is super packed on weekends, so plan for that ahead of time. Offers one large stage and two smaller stages that provide a more intimate go-go style dancing. One of the few clubs in town where the caliber of afternoon shift dancers can rival the nighttime shift dancers. Usually packed on weekends, but this is a place where you can go during the week, during the day, and still get the experience you are wanting.

5. Cheetah’s Strip Club Las Vegas. Featured in the cult classic movie Showgirls, this is more of your old-school, stereotypical strip club, bordering on a more traditional style. The girls will come up to you and chat you up for a lap dance, so if you are looking for that interaction, this is the Club for you. Did we mention that locals get in for free?

6. Treasures Strip Club and Steakhouse Las Vegas. What’s better than an opulent club that offers beautiful women and a steakhouse that offers lobster, top choice filets and four-course dinners?  How about if all that also came with lavish service? Now.. what if we told you there’s no cover charge? Ok.  Now, take all that, add two stories and a buffet… and you have Treasures.  You bet it’s well worth the trip.  This club has been highlighted on E! Entertainment Television, The Travel Channel and Cinemax. But don’t just take their word for it. Go and see for yourself and embrace the total experience!  Hands down one the most luxurious strip clubs in town.

7. Crazy Horse III Strip Club Las Vegas. This spot offers an after-hours club (the Posh Boutique), a string of rooms, live music, and supreme VIP encounters. A huge place taking up 40,000 sq. ft., there’s also a hookah lounge, decent food that encompasses a decent variety of sushi, a live house band, and a 20-foot pole on the main stage for the more acrobatic dancers. Not too shabby!

8. Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. There’s not too much that this club does not offer to its patrons! Another massive club encompassing 72,000 sq. ft., four floors, this club also offers something for the ladies with an all-male revue show known as the Kings of Hustler!

9. Centerfolds Cabaret. Offering more of an intimate, one-on-one experience for their patrons, this club boasts the best customer service in town. With a multitude of packages and a diverse and decent food menu, this smaller-scale club is not one to be overlooked merely because of its size. In this case? Size really doesn’t matter!